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The Gift of Our Mission, Path and Choices

February 2, 2022

Hi Beautiful One,

Thanks for joining us again!  In this episode Jeshua speaks about:

- What is Reality?
- How to live a life well-lived
- Understanding we all are “fighting” our own battles
- The mission we agreed upon before incarnation
- Choosing Love
- Offering healing
- What happens when we smile 
- Who is a healer
- The chosen path
- Playing
- How what we choose is what we will receive
- Our power to change
- The construct of time
- Why we can be in joy with our life 
- What is the real joy
- The gift in all our creations
- Allowing ourselves to be easy with ourselves
- What happens when we judge ourselves and what to do about it
- Our perfect choices
- Allowing ourselves to be adventurous
- The meaning of Desire

And more!

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Until next episode, stay in Light and Love!🌟