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Taking the Power back

October 24, 2021

Hi Beautiful One,

Thanks for joining us again and for your patience!  This beautiful talk took me (Helena Maria) a long, long time to edit for the original's quality was very poor. I tried to make it as clear and as smooth as possible for your ears :) as I could.
Spirit Guided me to this particular talk, for our 4th episode, which although took place back in 2011 the content is very much relevant today, as you will listen.

In this episode Jeshua speaks about:

  • Knowing ourselves beyond our egos
  • Our desire to know our capital "R" Reality
  • The power to change our reality.
  • The divine power of creativity
  • Turning on our Light
  • Making the Oneness real in our experience
  • What to say to claim our Reality
  • The realization of at-one-ment
  • What would the Christ do?
  • The final choice is ours
  • Getting drawn into the drama
  • The voices that are calling out for change
  • The realization of Power
  • Our representatives
  • The "American dream"
  • What to do to help others
  • Not being powerless
  • Using our technology
  • The statement, "Of the people, by the people, for the people"
  • Trading and bartering
  • Waking up now
  • The power of ideas
  • Our economy
  • Networking
  • Understanding others' spiritual path
  • The realization of what is truly important
  • News media
  • Meeting with ones of like mind

And more!

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Until next episode, stay in Light and Love!