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Q & A - Hologram, ETs, Forgiveness, Awakening and more!

August 24, 2021

Hi Beautiful One,

Thanks for joining us again!  In this episode Jeshua speaks and answers questions about:

  • Our radiance
  • The agreement we have made
  • What our purpose is.
  • The greatest gift we can give anyone
  • Is the ascension really happening?
  • Will there be physical ascension?
  • Are the UFOs real?
  • When will our galactic brothers make themselves known to us?
  • Do they come in peace?
  • As a light-worker do I have a specific role in the ascension?
  • What is awakening?
  • Will we all live in abundance?
  • What is the truth regarding the Illuminati?
  • The illusion as expressed in the Course in Miracles it is not not-real
  • The hologram extends without limitations
  • How we are living and creating the open-ended hologram/illusion
  • The purpose for which we created the separated ego
  • How else can forgiveness be defined
  • What other’s hologram has to do with ours
  • Where Jesus / Jeshua is now
  • Who creates the collective consciousness
  • What love creates
  • Pets and their capacity of understanding
  • Have all nuclear weapons been disarmed?
  • A purpose of sickness
  • We are free to choose our incarnations

And more!

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Until next episode, stay in Light and Love!